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kinesiology with Companion Animals and Pets

Behavioral Problems

our favorite animals Horse, dog, cat, rabbit, kitten, and others
This may seem a bit surprising to some people, but It is also possible to do kinesiology with companion animals and pets.

If your pet is experiencing behavioral problems, or seems anxious or upset, kinesiology can help.

When balancing (doing a kinesiology session) a companion animal, I can either use their “person” as a surrogate, or I can use my pendulum. Either method enables me to pick up on the energy of the animal and uncover their emotions.

This can be very helpful, because often animals will present with some puzzling symptoms, and it just saves so much time to give them a balance and find out what is going on with them.

Blackie, the Cat

Our beloved cat, Blackie, passed away a few months ago, and one of our other cats, Penny, seemed unaffected at first. However, a few days later, she appeared to be very anxious, and was constantly meowing at me, even after I had made sure that she had been fed and given plenty of attention. Nothing I tried would calm her down.

Penny, Our favorite Pet

At a bit of a loss as to what to do, I decided to give her a balance, using my daughter as a surrogate for Penny, and her arm to muscle test.
Through the balance we found that at first Penny had thought that Black had run away, and was very worried about him. She later realized that he had passed away, and then she was embarrassed for not realizing that he had died in the first place!

After the balance, Penny was much calmer, and all the weird behavior stopped.


Our pets will often take on our emotions too. I recently gave a kinesiology balance to Milly, a dog belonging to one of my clients. Milly had been wee-ing on the carpet, barking at night and waking everyone up, and generally making a nuisance of herself.

During the course of the balance I found that she was upset because My client and her husband had been arguing. She also felt that my client’s husband didn’t like her. My client confirmed that her husband has never liked Milly, and has threatened to give her away on several occasions!

During the balance we explored different things that my client could do to help Milly to feel more secure, including ways that would help to settle her down at night and sleep. We also discussed some changes to her diet and exercise routine.

On following up with my client, I found that Milly has been settling down better at night, and the problem with wee-ing inside is much improved, with only the occasional slip when tensions in the house are running high.