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Welcome to Carolyn Gill Kinesiology

During the current situation with Covid 19, I will be conducting Kinesiology and Past Life Regression Sessions over FaceTime and Messenger, at a reduced fee of $90 per hour session.

At Carolyn Gill Kinesiology I use Kinesiology,  Past Life Regression Therapy, and Hypnotherapy to help facilitate better self awareness and personal growth. As our bodies are affected by our emotions, kinesiology is a very effective tool for healing both the body and the mind.


Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of hypnotherapy. It can be very effective at clearing longstanding problems that have been resistant to other forms of therapy and healing, and works on both the physical and emotion level.

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Past Life Regression

The Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology can help you to feel lighter, calmer, more grounded and more energetic.
Kinesiology can help you with;
- Emotional Issues
- Stress and Anxiety
- Dealing with Grief
- Headaches
- Muscle Pain
- Diet and Exercise
- Companion Animals
- Essential Oils
- Essences
- Crystals
- Life Path and Goals

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The Benefits of Kinesiology


Hypnotherapy can help you to;
-Lose Weight
- Quit Smoking
- Learn a New Skill
- Improve Your Performance
- Grow Your Business

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences every day.
Have you ever tried to talking to someone who is watching TV and found it hard to get their attention?
This is a naturally occurring trance state.
Hypnosis bypasses the Conscious mind, in order to communicate with the Unconscious mind, allowing us to change our negative or outdated thought patterns and habits.


Other Popular Services

These services are offered on their own, or as part of a Kinesiology session.

Muscular Problems

Muscular problems are often caused by emotional issues. For example, have you ever felt your neck tense up in certain stressful situations? Perhaps during exams, or when dealing with certain people?
At Carolyn Gill Kinesiology, I can help you to release the stress causing the muscle pain, as well as giving you the tools that will help you to deal with that stress more effectively in the future.

Muscular Problems

Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquids that are extracted from aromatic plants and then used for their healing and therapeutic properties. For example; Lavender oil can be used to help relieve headaches, tension, anxiety and insomnia, while Nutmeg is useful for relieving tiredness and lethargy, and for when one is in need of motivation.

Essential Oils

Companion Animals (Pets)

At Carolyn Gill Kinesiology, I also work with animals.
If your Companion Animal is experiencing behavioural problems, or is anxious and upset, I can help.

Companion Animals (Pets)


There are so many different kinds of crystals, each with their own unique and amazing properties; some can heal, some can help to increase self confidence, others help reduce stress, and some crystals even have the ability to attract abundance!

Our Spa Packages

Session Prices

Kinesiology Session (Over FaceTime)

$90.00/1 Hr

Past Life Regression (Over FaceTime)

90.00/1 Hr

Hypnotherapy Session (Over FaceTime)

$110.00/1 Hr

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Over 10 Years of Experience

Meet Carolyn

I have been practicing Kinesiology for more than ten years now. I love kinesiology because it enables me to help my clients to understand their emotions and their health. Sometimes problems can become so overwhelming, kinesiology can help us to remove our stress so that we can deal with the problem more effectively.

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