Carolyn specialises in providing a range of professional Kinesiology services, including Emotional Kinesiology. Great to help treat a range of conditions!

Consultation Fee: $75


anatomyKinesiology is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology. It combines western techniques and eastern wisdom in order to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Kinesiology uses muscle testing to identify and correct energy imbalances in the body. These imbalances may relate to issues such as stress, nutrition, learning problems and muscular pain.

Sometimes we need a new way to solve an old problem. It could be a recurring shoulder injury, or persistent headaches. With kinesiology we can look at all the possible causes of the problem, eg; stress, diet, environment, muscle imbalance, and using the many tools that we have at our disposal, find a solution

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BENEFITS OF KINESIOLOGY – I can help you with:

  • Muscular Problems
  • Sports Injuries
  • Foot Balances
  • Emotional Issues
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Headaches/Pain
  • Healthy Eating
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
  • Fatigue/Insomnia
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Weight Loss
  • Goal Setting
  • Flower and Shell Essences
  • Aromatherapy
  • Tissue Salts
  • Crystals
  • Dreams
  • Pets – I work with Pets


Muscular Problems –

muscular problemsMuscular problems can sometimes be caused by emotional issues. For example, have you ever felt your neck tense up in certain situations? Perhaps it only happens when you talk to a particular person?

Foot Balances –

In a foot balance we go through all the muscles of the feet. Using an indicator muscle, we locate the muscles are weak and strengthen them, using various pressure points. I also look to see if there are any emotions and stresses involved with the foot pain the client may be experiencing.

Emotional Issues –

Many physical problems are caused by emotional stress, and it can be very beneficial to sort through these emotions, understand them, and let them go. Often this can help to alleviate any physical pain the client may be experiencing.

Weight Loss –

weight issueThrough kinesiology we can explore the possible emotional causes of a person’s weight problems. Once these problems are dealt with, conventional weight loss programs have a much better chance of success.

Pet Balance –

I am also able to balance your pets – I can balance your pets by using your muscles to test up their issues such as physical, emotional or dietary.


Emotional Modes; in ICPKP (International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice), there are many techniques (modes) for dealing with emotional issues. Below are examples and explanations of some of the modes.

ESR; Emotional Stress Release –

stress releaseOne of the techniques used for ESR is The Worry Basket – a simple yet powerful tool. With The Worry Basket, you relax and visualise all of your stresses, be they situations, interactions with specific people, work, health, pain, etc, and imagine putting them one by one,into the worry basket. Once you have done this, you can visualise a hot air balloon being attached to the basket, symbolically sending it, and your issues, off into the atmosphere, along with all the stress associated with them.

Video Rewrite

This is a visualisation technique where the person goes back in their mind to a time that was stressful or traumatic for them. They then re-play the scene again in their mind, letting it unfold, as they would have liked it to be. Obviously we cannot change the past, but we can change how we view it, and this can help us to deal with similar situations more effectively in the future.

Subconscious Sabotage Programs –

Sometimes something that has happened in the past can be buried in our subconscious, blocking us from moving forward in certain areas of our lives.

For example; A person may have been criticised about their musical ability as a child, and now that they are grown up, regardless of the fact that they are very talented at playing the piano, they are overcome with nerves whenever they audition, because they haven’t released the negative thought pattern (of not being good enough).

In kinesiology, we are able to explore that time in the past when the sabotage pattern first started. By using various techniques such as visualisation and positive affirmations, we can help the person to release the fear that is holding them back. It is also helpful to decide on a goal – a course of action moving forward. In this instance it might be that the person starts a regular practice regime and works towards playing in front of a live audience. Kinesiology can be used to help define the goal and time frame so as to best server the process of healing.

Dreams –

goals and dreamsThis mode is helpful when a person would like help understanding a particular dream. We look at whether or not it is a creative or stressful dream, and what the message might be. We also explore whether or not there are external factors, such as nutritional deficiency or toxicity involved, (for example; too much caffeine before bed can cause stressful dreams)

Life Path and Goals –

This mode helps someone to consider their destiny or life purpose. They could be wondering, “Where am I?” or “Where am I going?” It can also help someone to sort out their priorities for example; Essential and non-essential demands, life interests, areas of their life that need attention.

It is helpful in this situation for the kinesiologist and their client to work out an “action plan” for achieving their goals. For example, if the person wants to change careers, they could first take courses related to their new career, or do volunteer or part time work before deciding to give up their present job.

Personality Typing Awareness; Stress Personalities –
In their book “Your Stress Personalities”, psychotherapists Mary Dempsey and Rene Tihista, describe a series of seven stress personalities such as the “Internal Timekeeper”, the “Pleaser”, and the “Critical Judge”.

The Internal Timekeeper, for example, has a compulsion to do several things at once, is always concerned with time, but has no time sense. (I’m sure we all know someone like that!)

Once the person recognises these tendencies in themselves, the kinesiologist can help them to let go of those habits that are not serving them well, and help them to prioritise tasks so that their use of time is more efficient.

Oracle Cards or Cards of Self Change –

reflexologyBy using Kinesiology in conjunction with a traditional Oracle card reading, I can help you achieve a better understanding of the message received and how it relates to the issues at hand. I use a variety of Oracle cards including Angel cards, Trust Your Vibes cards, Earth Magic cards, just to name a few.

Reflexology –

Is based on the belief that each part of the body is interconnected through the nervous system to the hands and the feet. Stimulating specific reflex points in the feet or hands can bring relief to poorly functioning areas of the body.


clock in motion - hypnotismUnlock your potential, with a professional Past Life Regression Therapy session with Carolyn Gill.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of Hypnotherapy. It can be very effective at clearing longstanding problems that have been resistant to other forms of therapy and healing, and works on both the physical and emotional level.

Consultation Fee: $95


For years I have been fascinated with the concept of Past Life Regression (PLR).

I have read many books on the subject, including “Many Lives, Many Masters”, by Brian Weiss, and have experienced past life regressions myself. After starting my Kinesiology business I realised that I wanted to expand my work to be able to share the experience of PLR with my clients. Recently, I completed the Past Life Regression Therapy course with Toni Reilly, who has studied under Brian Weiss. Working with Toni throughout the course was a wonderful experience – one that has enriched me as an individual and as a practitioner. I am happy to be able to now share this with my clients.

Regardless of whether or not you have a specific problem, the process of PLR is an absolutely fascinating experience!